What is it about you that draws me to you? Is it the fact that you don’t say a word and yet have a conversation with me or is it that I lose myself in you to find myself all over again? I have reached in the evening and had a cup of tea watching the setting sun. I am surprised to hear my own voice asking for another, that hasn’t happened for quite some time. I watch dusk take over and head indoors with a promise to return to the outdoors after dinner. The wind, quite a show off, has been displaying its repertoire, lullabies when slow and like a heavy metal band when howling. The moon has shown its various hues, playing hide and seek with the clouds as it flirts with me, knowing I look up for a glimpse and more.The insects buzzing with their multiple conversations make their own brand of music. Is it a flute playing miles away or is it just my imagination creating its own music, inspired by all that is happening around. I don’t know what’s happening anymore, but the stress seems to melt away and I find myself swaying with the breeze.I guess its time to sleep.

“Ya Mon”, a stellar Jamaican experience

Montego Bay, Jamaica. It's been almost a year since I visited this beauty but I still can’t get it out of my head. I have to admit, it wasn't love at first sight. But little did I know that the next 7 days would witness a torrential love affair with this land of the beaches.
Hyatt Ziva was the all inclusive resort we were booked in. Having worked in the hotel industry in the past, my expectation was that of a beautiful property serviced by nauseously polite staff trained to smile like robots that you know might just be cursing you under their breath. Instead, what I witnessed was a set of absolutely fun loving people who appeared to be thoroughly enjoying what they did and had a sense of pride in showcasing the beauty of their land and the richness of their culture.
The resort was an oasis in the land which is endowed by a lot of natural beauty but is also scarred by the paucity of resources and poverty in general. The white sandy beaches, the tropical breeze, the Caribbean music, the pure abandon in the spirit of the people and most importantly the unlimited cocktails and food made me feel that even heaven couldn't offer anything better.

I turned into an absolute beach bum by the day being served a bevy of exotic cocktails on the beach by a smiling, dancing local. By the night the view of the sun surrendering itself to the mighty sea was a vision that is the epitome of romance.
As the Jamaicans say "ya mon" it was indeed a stellar experience.